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The Lunedale Reservoirs

The building of the two reservoirs, Grassholme and Selset, destroyed some of the most productive land and at least eight farmsteads in Lunedale as well as others on the other side of the river Lune in Kelton. The meadows and the farmsteads were drowned and many people were forced through compulsory purchase to move away from the Dale as their livelihoods were removed.

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Grassholme Reservoir

Grassholme reservoir was built in the early years of the last century, and a higher and longer bridge built to span the drowned flood plain. In times of low rainfall,when Grassholrne reservoir is very depleted, every twenty years of so, the old Packhorse Bridge over the original channel of the River Lune re-emerges. There was a mill near this point, which was also drowned following the construction of Grassholme dam. See 1854 OS map.

Then Now

Selset Reservoir

Selset reservoir was built in the latter half of the 1950s to provide water for the growing demand in the lower Tees Valley. Seven farms were drowned under this construction and several others became non-viable. See 1854 OS map - Selset

Press cuttings from the time

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