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This site presents materials, images and information, collected as part of the 2007 Lunedale Heritage Project and subsequent research.

Please explore our site to find out more about this wonderful parish, read our history, search our historical image archive, and learn about our unique geology and botanical features.

A point worth noting....

Lunedale has, in recent decades, been designated as part of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and few would deny its claim to this title. However virtually all of the scenery in Lunedale is testament to the toil and husbandry of humans over very many centuries.

Meadows, pasture, allotments, hundreds of miles of dry stone walls, stands of trees, including Kirk Carrion, stone dwellings, field barns and places of worship, bell pits, hushes, mines, quarries and reservoirs all occupy the landscape as though they had been there always.

If you have any information to contribute to the project, or have any comments, suggestions or questions then please email us at enquiries@lunedaleheritage.org.uk.

2011 update

This site has now been updated to include additional articles and images collected since 2007.

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